Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Give Your Web Page Perfect Makeover with Joomla

Joomla is a fantastic open source Content Management System developed in PHP. Its popularity is so huge that since it was released in 2005, Joomla has been downloaded by more than 35 million people around the world. The main advantages of using Joomla to manage your webpage content are that it has thousand of extensions and designs to choose from and it is very user-friendly and mobile-friendly content can be maintained through Joomla. It is being used by major players in all fields of business across the world. Some of the big companies using Joomla Development are eBay, Pizza Hut, GE, IKEA, Barnes & Noble, Mc Donald’s etc. This says that it has been covering good amount of market share, although dozens of platforms are available for content management system

Thousands of government web sites are also using Joomla to manage their official content. Multi National Organizations like United Nations, World Health Organization etc. are also using Joomla to manage their web content. After Wordpress, Joomla takes the crown for content management system where you can publish articles easily and re-arrange pages category wise.

Joomla Cms extensions increase its ability multi-fold. Joomla has five major types of extension each of which handles a specific function.

• Components – are mini-applications called by menu items to execute a particular function or program. Each component will have a site part and an administrator part.Examples of components are Banners,News Feed,Contacts etc.

• Plug-ins – are event handlers. It tells the application what has to be done when an event   is triggered like button clicked or menu option selected or block content when a web page is submitted. Authentication,Cache etc.is some of the Joomla plug-ins.

• Templates – determine the style or page design of a web page. Templates change the look of a page.The components and modules are placed on a template for the end user. Beez is a very popular and attractive Joomla template.

• Module – are existing sets of programs which can be reused for a particular common functionality like search, random image, polls etc.

• Languages – that converts the webpage to different language extensions supported by the user’s system.

Joomla is available across all popular platforms and it can give your website an attractive makeover easily. Attractive websites and good SEO content attracts more customers. And we, at Technomeet keep raising our abilities in the direction of Joomla up-gradations and we highly recommend it for presenting organized content.

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