Monday, 28 January 2013

Magento Development –Bringing Changes to the E-commerce World

E-commerce development takes a new shape with Magento E-Commerce Development. Magento platform has been successful in giving the many online companies wonders which they have never even dreamt of.

Magento platform is of great help to those who want to handle, manage and control online activities of their business in a perfect way. The techniques of Magento development helps in getting a fully customized and beautiful E-commerce website. New features can be added or pulled out very easily to get an attractive website for E-commerce. Since Magneto is open source, one need not pay loads for the license fee. Thus with the help of Magento, one can be assured of getting an attractive, flexible, easily handled and unique website.

Technomeet is a company that can help you in providing with a perfect E-commerce website of your choice. Our team of experienced and skilled Magento developers can help you in getting the best E-commerce website required for your online business.

Features of Magento that has made a popular platform

• Low Cost Open Source: Magento is an open source platform. This is the reason why the cost of setting up and running it is very little. Though one needs to spend a small amount on the registration of the domain, hosting and development of the custom theme, the results and the benefits after these procedures is a very high ROI when compared to the setup cost. Magento can be downloaded, copied and modified by developers; since it is a source code that is available free of cost.

• Interacting with Customers made easy: Magento can be of great help to businesses in dealing with their customers.Interaction with customers and customer services can be done quite easily with the help of Magento. Great customer satisfaction can be assured with the help of Magento, due to its features like creation of account, customized form, option for multi-language and conversion of currency.

• User friendly Magento: there is no other E-commerce as user friendly as Magento. Businesses are able to create catalogues, add the images of products and review the products. Moreover, they can manage inventory, orders, shipment and can set different methods of payment.

• SEO friendly Magento: Optimization of any website is possible and easy with this E-commerce solution as it is an SEO friendly platform. Incorporations of Google Analytics for web traffic analysis is possible through the website designed with Magneto.

• Add–ons and themes: Many themes are available for web development through Magneto. The functional add-ons and layouts for web can be installed without any trouble as Magneto is little complex as compared to other E-commerce solutions.

Technomeet can guarantee you with the perfect website essential for your business needs. Business would no longer be a stressful affair with the perfect E-commerce website developed by our team of expert Magento Developers. Experience and expertise blended with skill is the signature of the websites developed by our Magento developers.

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