Friday, 7 September 2012

Building Brand with interactive Portal Development

People all around the globe use internet to access news, weather, sports reports, to plan and book their vacations, to surf and to find out more about their respective interests. Not only surfing and searching but online shopping has been given a much more importance in today’s world which is nothing but a form of electronic commerce where customers directly buy goods and services from all around the world. A web portal is a platform which gathers all the information from different sources in a unified way and showcase all respective areas.

An effective web portal will collect your business requirements and will provide with most advanced and developed web portal development solutions by providing you a platform to communicate with your customers directly. To establish a course for web portal development, it is very necessary to allow accessibility to the site and as well as enhance usability of the same site. The site should remain interconnected to the things that matters the most, their clients and other businesses and should provide 24*7 web support.

The web portal designs should be attractive, customized as per the business requirements also should use latest technology and ensure timely delivery of the web portal development. The main benefit of the customized portal development is that you are able to choose your own options to get integrated and your business will enjoy the prominence that you want which is referred to open source web portal development. Portals usually provide a way for enterprise to provide a consistent look and feel with access controls and features for multiple applications and databases. They not only have the standard search engine option but also provide us with other services like e-mail, news, stock prices, information, database and entertainment. 

Portals can also be divided into:- 

 1.) Community portal:- It’s main aim is to setup and increase regular interaction with customers and to generate market consciousness for company brands. 

 2.) E-Marketplace Portal:-It carries collectively buyers and sellers to business via internet, making communication and transactions very easy for inter-business transactions. 

 3.) Enterprise Portal:- It keeps the company’s employers, suppliers, partners and customers updated with quick updates of the entire business with better service to the clients with the intention to keep the competitiveness. 

Portal development includes Discussion Forum, Product Catalogue Management, Request For Quote(RFQ), Standard Auction, Reverse Auction, Shopping Cart Management, Auction, Payment Getaway Integration, Order Management, Internal Search Engine, Feedback Forums, Web Directory, Matrimony, etc. 

Some successful and fantastic web portals examples are iGoogle, AOL, Excite, MSN, Netvibes and Yahoo!. There are different types of portals as per the requirement like personal portals, news portals, government portals, cultural portals, corporate web portals, stock portals, search portals, tender’s portals, hosted web portals and Alumni portals. Hence a portal not only helps to compete with the competitor but also to put presence before millions of prospects within seconds.

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