Tuesday, 4 September 2012

E-Commerce Software Development : An Automatic Process for quick completion of work

E-Commerce also known as Electronic Commerce is the process of buying and selling products through electronic mediums such as Internet or any other computer networks. This type of process occurs when people buy things online that is business transactions become online. E-Commerce is basically used as technologies for Electronic Fund Transfer, Supply Chain Management, Electronic Data Interchange and Inventory Management Systems. Modern E-Commerce uses the World Wide Web to complete its life cycle. When Internet came into existence, at that moment even ecommerce rose. Within a period of time, consumers around the world started realized how convenient it was to make their business online.

There are many ecommerce software development solutions available including standard and customized ecommerce systems. These solutions help the companies to get their business working in the right way. It not only makes online transactions possible but also keeps a check on the progress and working of the online stores. So a perfect ecommerce software is built in with all possible features like easy to manage, with complete security and quite efficient in nature.

If we look at today’s world, each and every kind of business needs ecommerce software with different features depending upon the type of business. Depending upon the type of business with various offers, products and services, customized ecommerce software is developed matching the given requirements. Along with this some other things have to be considered while building ecommerce software which is inventory management, any discount coupons, credit card processing etc...

Security is one the major concerns for a customer in using this software because the customers need security for their personal information. Apart from personal information, there should also be safety for the third party tool like credit cards that are used.

Features to be kept in mind while developing ecommerce software’s are as below: 

  • It should have product descriptions and product images under a category. 
  • Buy prices and retail prices should be mentioned in order to calculate profit and discounts on huge orders.
  • Different tariffs should be set for various types of customers in the software in such a way that it is easily displayed to the customer while shopping online. This will attract more customers especially the wholesale ones. 
  • Field options like adjustable prices, size and colors for various products. 
  • Special Offers and discount coupons. 
  • Fields for calculating the cost depending on the delivery charges.
  • Order Management linked with products so that the orders can be easily tracked through the delivery processes. 
  • Automatic creation of the payment bills and order bills. 
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways. 
  • Customized Emails containing the confirmation details. 
  • Advanced searches built in to search various products by cost, brand and size. 
  • Stock management 
  • Category and products creation. 
  • Inclusion of shopping carts for purchasing products online. 
  • Various reports along with charts and graphs. 
  • Custom Contact Information.  
Lastly, ecommerce software is said to be good only when it is reliable to use and quite dependable for a small business to run. It should be user friendly and easy to use in nature.


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