Monday, 28 October 2013

Magento E-Commerce Development: A Way to Develop Website Flexibly

Magento is professional feature-rich open source ecommerce platform which is independent from third party plug-ins with complete scalability as well as flexibility. Enhance your ecommerce business sales and web application with latest and newest Magento Development Services.

Magento Website Development is a kind of e-commerce web application which was launched on March 31, 2008 and developed by Varien (now Magento Inc) with the help of some programmers within open-source community. Presently, it was built using the Zend Framework which uses entity-attribute-value (EAV) database model in order to store data for better online store management.

All these Magento web applications within ecommerce system has been adopted by approximately 150,000 online retailers that are ranging from small ecommerce websites to large multinational businesses. Magento is also known as web-platform which intelligently uses its own model-view-controller (MVC) model. The main difference between its traditional model and Magento model are as follows:

* Overall utilization of layout file in order to manage what is actually displayed on each & every view.
* The use of different blocks which can be included in any view with complete ease through the layout.
* Use of model re-write system.
* Finally, utilization of plug-in architecture on Zend based Observer pattern.

As being Magento E-Commerce platform, it provides valuable customers with wide-ranging assortment of features including mobile templates, transaction options, product display options, user accounts, loyalty programs, product categorisation and multi-store & multi-site functionality. Magento is flexible award-winning open-source ecommerce platform which is taking the web design world by storm.

Magento Ecommerce Development delivered by the Professionals:

* Simply design and develop Magento-based website from scratch
* Build up some Magento extensions as well as modules
* Change these extensions as per customers' requirements
* Easily customize all Magento default features
* Install and also upgrade latest Magento version on your website
* Also install modules on the hosting websites
* You can also transfer existing website from other platform to Magento
* Make innovative design for Magento store
* Also integrate payment gateways

Why to Select Magento Development India:?

1. Rules-based coupon and promotions functionality
2. Modular architecture
3. Power attribute that are based on product catalogue functionality
4. Search engine readiness
5. Strong Google Analytic integration
6. Enterprise-level features with minimal outlay
7. Multilingual and multiple currency support
8. Robust ecommerce solutions
9. Easily manage each & every surface of your online store
10. Comes with various plug-ins, templates and add-ons

Make use of this powerful and versatile system in order to offer customers with advanced online retail store at a very reasonable price. Magento CMS Development also provides your business with enterprise level ecommerce features even without enterprise level price tag. Also utilize different designs as well as themes or hire Magento & professional developers in order to easily improve overall look of your any web application.

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