Monday, 19 November 2012

Open Source Development - A Developer's Paradise

Open Source can be defined as a software which is released with a source code under a license. This very software makes sure that derivative works will be available as source code. It also protects the rights of the real authors and does not restrict on how the software can be handled and who to use.

Difference between an Open Source and Commercial Software

Open Source is developed by open source communities, and is published under licenses. These licenses make sure that the source code is made available to anyone. The source code can be inspected, downloads, changed or explored in detail according to the user’s needs and requirements. In Open source software, the source code or the language used in writing the software as well as the key for knowing the working of the software can be gained. It can be improved by any user with the right knowledge and skill. Open source development software can be gained without paying any license cost. It is cost effective and flexible. Most of the global developers, users and programmers love to use this framework.

Commercial software development is the building up of software with a wide range of functionality and is sold commercially to individuals or external companies in the market. It cannot be altered as its key is not open.

Benefits of Open Source Development
  • Open sources are dynamic in nature
  • Most of the Open source security tools are available to anyone
  • It is free of any charge.
  • All you have to do is just install them
  • The code can be audited by you or the developer you are hiring
  • Developers can open the code and fix it according to the requirements
  • Improved tool can be offered back to the original creator and to the whole community of developers

Development of Open Source Software

Open Source Software are developed with the help of skilled developers. These developers create software for solving a particular problem or for meeting a particular requirement.

To create a solution, the developers begin to write code. The term used for this procedure is called scratching an itch.

The developed code is made available in the many locations, where other developers can spot it out, download it and start using it in their own ways. Developers use locations like to post their software.
Source code is usually published under any one of the several open source licenses which makes sure that the code and other works remain completely open source.

Source codes are used, ideas are shared and as a result, the software is made better. While changing the software for new requirements, the software is made more perfect resulting in the development of a new one.

Through such a loose procedure, a large number of wonderful and amazing software have been developed. Though most of the open source development has concentrated on developing tools for software developers, a large effort is put in the creation of programs in order to solve minute technical problems. Technomeet provides you with Open source customization services to meet the needs of your company or personal needs. Our team of expert developers is all set with the right skill and right knowledge on Open source development to help you find solutions for your needs.
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